Online Marketing

As digital marketing specialists, we use a variety of high quality techniques to deliver online customers direct to your Denta Centre portal.

Patient Acquisition

Once we have identified a potential customer, our unique Denta Centre system runs various algorithms to match to your requirements.

New Sales Channel

Simply browse matching customers, and if you can help any, use your prepaid credits to purchase and harness the power of online marketing.

Special Offers

Keep a regular eye on your Denta Centre portal for not only new customers, but special offers to further grow previously untapped profit.

New Customers Made Easy

Denta Centre is an all-in-one patient acquisition system for the dentist industry.

Denta Centre makes it easy for patients to find the treatment they need, by placing their enquiry in front of multiple dentists whose distance and specialities match the patient’s requirements.

By signing up to Denta Centre, there is no monthly subscription, no commitments, and no lengthy contracts. Simply add credits to your account, and spend them on patients that you think you can help. In a minefield of a digital world, Denta Centre seamlessly bridges the gap between complex marketing and sales, leaving you, the dentist, time to do what you do best.

How does it work?

New sales channel - one click away!

Set your criteria

Your Denta Centre portal has been built with ease in mind. With just a few clicks, set the criteria of patient you want – including distance from you, treatment required, quota, and schedule.

Search for new customers

If you opt in, we can push notifications to you when a new patient matches your requirements. Otherwise, simply log on to your Denta Centre portal, and browse new matching patients in your area.

Happy new customers

Once you have used your prepaid credits to obtain full patient information, contact the patient, arrange an appointment, and enjoy boosting your client base and profits from an exciting new digital sales funnel.

What we do?

We make finding new patients easy

We like partnerships. We like coming together and working closely with specialists in different sectors. By combining these varied specialities, we feel something very special can happen.




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Complete End-To-End Sales

Denta Centre is designed to seamlessly fit in to your dental practise, and deliver more sales.

Our unique end-to-end sales software allows you to effortlessly tap into the ever growing digital world – allowing you to do what you do best, with no disruption. Let Denta Centre source and deliver brand new patients for you today.

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